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creating a dynamic relationship together

Couples Program

Our intimate relationships can be our greatest source of HAPPINESS, and they can also be the source of great SADNESS and DISAPPOINTMENT.

When you fall in love, everything feels hopeful and clear. You meet that wonderful person and you feel that special connection.  As time goes on it can feel so frustrating and confusing when angry outbursts occur, or when there is no communication at all. You might be tempted to blame your partner for the failure of the relationship, and even wonder whether that person is the right one for you. 


Wouldn't it help to know that this is a normal part of a committed relationship, and that conflict could actually be an opportunity to grow closer together?

I'm guessing your wedding day didn’t include an owner’s manual to help you navigate through these predictable storms. That's why it's so important to have a blueprint for success and the right tools to build a healthy, dynamic relationship together.

This is what my program is all about.

This program is unique in that it combines my counseling sessions with an innovative workshop, packed with tools and techniques, to give you the most information in the shortest time possible. After all,  no one wants to be in counseling forever.

You want to get out there and begin to enjoy this new life together.

In my Marriage Repair Workshop couples learn the nuts and bolts of a successful relationship. It's an instructional workshop in a comfortable, informal setting. 

This workshop is presented in 4 two-hour sessions.

Session 1
You will be learning the important stages in a committed relationship and how to navigate through them smoothly. I am going to teach you a powerful communication skill that has helped couples transform conflict into safe and healthy connection.

 What are your personal dreams for your relationship? You will be identifying these dreams and using them to co-create a Vision Statement for your marriage. Businesses use Vision Statements to create foundations of success in their organizations. You will be developing yours to create a foundation of success in your relationship.

Session 2
You will get an inside look at how your amazing brain works. It can either help or hinder you in your relationship. As you understand how it works, you will learn how to use this miraculous powerhouse to harness destructive impulses that often prevent you from having the awesome relationship you deserve.

Session 3
You will learn how your childhood experiences have shaped you and discover how your marriage can be a vehicle for growth and transformation. Together you will learn to help each other heal the unfinished business of childhood.

Session 4
Forget nagging.
Behind every frustration is a desire that needs to be expressed. You will discover a new way to make requests so that your partner will actually hear them.  Finally, you will be spicing things up by developing habits of caring behaviors that sustain your relationship over the long haul so that you can begin to enjoy this exciting journey together.

My counseling sessions provide a safe environment for couples to practice and refine these new skills and techniques in order to enhance their effectiveness.

 It’s a winning combination!


Couples Program

Congratulations! You've taken that first step toward a healthier and more satisfying relationship. I'm excited to have the opportunity to help you achieve this goal.



But what if you just can't fit the workshop into your busy schedule?

No worries!

I've got you covered.