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Love your marriage

Couples Program


Our intimate relationships can be our greatest source of happiness but, can also be the source of great sadness and disappointment.

When you fall in love everything feels hopeful and clear. You meet that wonderful person and you feel that special connection.  

As time goes on it can feel so frustrating and confusing when angry outbursts occur, or when there is no communication at all.

You might be tempted to blame your partner for the failure of the relationship, and even wonder whether that person is the right one for you. 

Wouldn't it help to know that this is a normal part of a committed relationship, and that conflict could actually be an opportunity to grow closer together?

I'm guessing your wedding day didn’t include an owner’s manual to help you navigate through these predictable storms. That's why it's so important to have a blueprint for success and the right tools to build a healthy, dynamic relationship together. 

This is what my Couples Program is all about!

I've been working with couples for over 20 years and when they first come in to see me I often hear them say, "We tried marriage counseling before and it worked for a while, but now we're feeling more disconnected than ever." 

They worry they'll be in counseling forever. I took those concerns to heart and developed something unique in my practice ~

My "Love Your Marriage" Couples Program. 

In my experience, the way to get the best results with couples is to commit to partnering with them, and giving them the support, and the skills, and the training they need to make lasting change in their relationship. 

So, instead of endless counseling sessions you can begin to spend your precious time enjoying each other again.

What makes this Different than just counseling?

I provide marriage counseling sessions and they can be very effective for some couples, but in my experience  counseling sessions alone, focus more on the problems in the relationship, but never really get to the underlying patterns that cause these problems in the first place.

 Also, there tends to be more finger pointing and blaming in this type of setting where the counselor becomes more of an arbiter or a referee.

Referees are great for the NFL, where there are two opposing teams, but you guys are supposed to be on the SAME team.

And this program is designed to get you back there again. It's a step-by-step system packed with powerful tools and techniques to get you back on track. 

Together you'll learn how to build a passionate and supportive relationship, one loving step at a time. 

3 Key ingredients for a Healthy relationship

 I'll be walking you through 3 important steps that will help you build a strong foundation for a healthy marriage.

You'll be:

  • Creating a New Vision for your Marriage
  • Developing Solid Relationship Skills
  • Cultivating Long Lasting Healthy Habits for your Relationship

If you would like to talk to me personally to learn more about the different ways we can work together, the first step is to contact me for a Discovery Session.

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