Christine Wilke - Licensed Marriage Counselor

Sometimes marriage can be difficult.  Everything may be going well and then we get thrown a curveball or two; crazy busy schedules, someone gets sick,  the stress at work gets to be too much and your marriage starts to break down.  It can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. How do you begin to sort it all out?

Having a strong, passionate marriage isn’t as complicated as you think when you learn how to build a supportive relationship one loving step at a time. 

I love helping couples become the best they can be, and enjoy watching them flourish and thrive

There is something about that first look of hope that warms my heart as I gently guide these courageous couples through their challenges and on to a more authentic and vibrant relationship.

I’ve been helping couples build passionate, supportive relationships for 20 years. And I would love to help you too. 

Below you'll find 3 great resources to get you started: