Couples Counseling Sessions


Marriage counseling sessions can be a very effective way to gain perspective on the issues that are causing problems in your marriage.

I provide a safe space for my clients to help them explore these issues so they can begin to gain insight into what may be causing the dysfunction in the relationship. 

If you would like to pursue marriage counseling just give me a call and we can set up an appointment.

610-746-3087 or 610-217-1958.  


Very often couples are looking for more than what counseling sessions alone can provide.

Of course they're looking to address the problems in their marriage, but they're also committed to fixing the core issues and changing unhealthy patterns in their relationship. 

If you're looking to turbo charge your counseling experience, my "Love Your Marriage" Couples Program might be just the thing for you.

It's  a step-by-step system that can help you develop concrete skills so that you can create long lasting, healthier habits for your relationship. And because it's an enhanced experience it can dramatically reduce your time in therapy. (A very good thing;)

In this program I am able to give you more in depth support and skills training so you can get back on track soon rather than later.

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