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Love your marriage

Couples Program


I’ve found that the way to get the best results for my couples is to commit to partnering with them by giving them the support, and the skills, and the training they need to make lasting changes in their relationship.

The most effective way to accomplish this is through my

Love your Marriage Couples Program. 

It's not group counseling. They are private sessions for just you and your partner. It is, however, an entirely unique approach.

The program includes:

6 counseling sessions plus my online Marriage Repair Workshop.

In a typical marriage counseling session so much time can be wasted jumping from one problem to the next without any sign of meaningful resolution. You never really get to the root of the problem because you're focusing on symptoms rather than solutions.

This program is fundamentally more effective because it helps you change the way you relate to each other at a core level by addressing the underlying patterns that cause problems in the first place.

I like to dedicate 6 couples sessions to this process because it gives you just enough time to begin to change the unhealthy patterns you’ve developed, but it’s not so long that you feel like you’re in counseling forever.   

During this time I'll be walking you through 3 important steps that will help you build a strong foundation for a healthy marriage. 

You’ll be:

  • Creating a whole New Vision for your Marriage

  • Developing Solid Relationship Skills

  • Cultivating Long Lasting Healthy Habits for your Relationship

(So that this new vision and these solid relationship skills will last a lifetime!)

What makes this program unique is that between each session you won’t be on your own to figure things out until your next appointment.

You'll have access to My Online Marriage Repair Workshop which is a step by step system that guides you through these three important  steps.

Each week you’ll go through a short 5 minute module together at home and you’ll be learning skills that you can apply directly to your marriage. 

Then when we meet in the couples sessions we can really cement these skills and focus on how to implement them and apply them to your specific challenges.

And just to make sure you don’t forget all this good stuff  I’m going to give you lifetime access to my online training system so if anything comes up in the future you’ll have all the training to refer to as often as you need.

Also, if the graduates of my program ever need any maintenance sessions they get their sessions at a $50 discount. For as long as they need them. That’s a pretty good deal. Because they’ve definitely earned VIP status. 

Most couples prefer to invest in the program all in one shot. it’s just easier for them, plus there’s a $75 discount. 

But you can also use the four installments plan which makes it more doable for some people.   

If you would like to talk to me personally to learn more about the different ways we can work together, the first step is to contact me for a       15-minute Discovery Phone Session.

Just call 610-746-3087 to get started!